The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) is calling on government to work hard to redeem its “declining image” among Ghanaians which they say is due to the Akufo-Addo led government’s failure to deliver good governance to the people of Ghana after five years.

In a statement signed and issued by its National Chairman, Nana Ofori Owusu, dated June 3, 2021 the party indicated that, the pledge to deliver better governance by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in its 2016 manifesto have not lived up to the expectations of the Ghanaian Public.

“… at the time the NPP was signing the social contract with Ghanaians, they pledged to deliver better governance with a manifesto theme resonating as ‘CHANGE, AN AGENDA FOR JOBS: CREATING PROSPERITY AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL’. Based on this, Ghanaians voted massively for H E Nana Addo to lead our development agenda and repeated same in 2020 elections.

After five years in government, we ask: where are the jobs? Where is the prosperity the Ghanaian citizen were promised? And where are the opportunities? More people have been made poorer, rendered unemployed, suffered reduced standards of living, are living in fear of armed robbery, and experiencing impunity in the society. There is continued currency depreciation with the imposition of more taxes. Ghana’s public debt is soaring higher than expected. Allegations of corruption is higher than before and businesses are collapsing”, the statement indicated.

The party further proposed that the NPP’s government should unite and empower Ghanaians for development and review aspects of the 1992 Republican Constitution.

“Prosperity for all can only be attained in a united Ghana. The PPP is asking government to create an inclusive, united Ghanaian society with a shared vision to make Ghana a just and discipline high-income country…Government urgently should review Articles 88, 243 (1) and78 (1) of the Constitution to separate the Attorney General from the Minister of Justice as an effort to work towards fighting corruption, pave way for the election of MMDCEs to bring development and accountability to the people and to prevent members of Parliament from becoming Ministers of State in order to have a clear separation of powers for Parliament to be more empowered”.


Source: Alexander Bombande/ Maxxempireonline.com

Alexander Bombande

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