Stop interfering in school heads duties- Retired Educationist to Ghana Education Service


A Retired Educationist, Mr. Robert Ajene says the Ghana Education Service (GES) should allow headmasters to run their various schools in a way that they can train and raise good students to fit into society.

The renowned educationist said, the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education (MoE) should be concerned with holding school authorities accountable of student’s failure and not restrict them from exercising the rules of the school.

Mr. Robert Ajene made this known on the Maxx Morning Show on 2nd June, 2021, in relation to the Achimota School and Rastafarian students’ saga.

“GES and Ministry of Education [should] allow heads, give them power to run the schools [and] hold them responsible for failing. Don’t cross and contradict instruction and then you end up not getting anything, when I was a headmaster I had more power than what headmaster had now”

Mr. Ajene again noted that, training children demands collective effort, arguing that there should be trust among leaders and their subordinates to ensure proper functioning of institutions.

“When it comes to training children it should be a collective matter, is not an individual matter, and that they should pay more attention to our schools and come on board and try help so that the schools would run well.  No single man, even the Minister of Education left alone cannot run the schools. And from the top-down, trust and have confidence with your subordinate but if you have no confidence in them don’t appoint them.” he noted.

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