I am desperate to develop Binduri- Abdulai Abanga


Member of Parliament for the Binduri Constituency and deputy minister-designate for Works and Housing, Abdulai Abanga has indicated that he is desperate for the development of his constituency to reduce the plight of constituents.

The sole Member of Parliament representing the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 8th Parliament from the Upper East Region, was speaking on the Maxx Morning Show, yesterday, May, 20 2021.

“Within the year we have to ensure that work commences. We don’t have [enough] time. It is four years but that’s not enough time. I am desperate; during the campaign, they said I am desperate for power; yes, I am desperate for power because when I go out and see the living condition [of my constituents]; where they sleep, some looking for money to pay their children’s school fees but don’t get, a person goes to the hospital and cannot pay his bills unless he seeks support from others; so I am in a hurry to get things done,” he said.

The first time Member of Parliament noted that his “Binduri Must Develop Agenda”, a statement which headlined his 2020 campaign message, is on course as several developmental projects have already commenced in the constituency.

“Four months of the agenda, if I enumerate what we have done so far, some MPs have never done such. I don’t want us to engage in party politics within the next 3 years. I want us to unite and work. As an MP, I cannot do the work alone; when I or any person is undertaking a project that would benefit the constituency, we all have to unite and help each other succeed… after 7th January, we have drilled over 12 boreholes, began the construction of a dam at Aniisi and some road construction within the District have commenced. I have also facilitated the employment of 10 youth into the public sector since the beginning of January.”

The vice-chairperson of Parliament’s Government Assurance Committee, also indicated he would not solely rely on the common fund for Binduri’s development.

“Should we rely only on the common fund, the “Binduri Must Develop Agenda” would not be successful. I have made this statement even before I was elected Member of Parliament” Mr Abanga noted.

Source: Alexander Bombande/ Maxxempireonline.com

Alexander Bombande

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