Binduri health directorate advice against frequent use of emergency contraceptive

The Binduri District Health directorate have cautioned young girls in the district to avoid repeatedly using emergency contraceptive pills.

Speaking on the Maxx Morning Show on recent Ghana Health Service annual report on teenage pregnancy, a public health nurse at the directorate, Adabre Isaac says, most teenagers in the district are frequently using emergency contraceptives.

“Majority of the teenage have resort to take these contraceptive pill…studies have shown that you can’t take it more than four time in your life time…”

He further revealed that checks at several chemical shops indicate high patronage of these pills and cautioned teenagers of possible pregnancy if used more than four times.

“I have gone round to the chemical shops to collect data on it, and if I show you the data on it, you would marvel, some areas that they sell over a hundred of them within a week”

Mr. Adabre was speaking on the Maxx Morning Show in relation to the   release of the 2020 teenage pregnancy report by the Ghana Health Service.

The report indicates that over 100,000 teenagers were impregnated in the year 2020, with 2,865 of them between the ages of 10-15, while 107,023 where between the ages of 15 to 19years.

Mr. Adabre noted that the Binduri District contribute 30 % of the 6,533 pregnancies recorded in the Upper East Region.

Source: Alexander Bombande/

Alexander Bombande

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