DR Congo declares end of latest Ebola outbreak


The Democratic Republic of Congo has announced the end of the latest outbreak of Ebola that killed six people.

The declaration comes three months after a resurgence of the disease was reported in North Kivu in the country’s eastern region.

The World Health Organization noted the current development  in a tweet on Monday, May 3rd, 2021.`

In a statement, the UN’s children’s agency Unicef said a quick response by the authorities and partners had helped contain the outbreak.

It noted that this was the third outbreak to have hit the country in less than a year.

Before the latest outbreak beginning on 7 February, the country had announced the end of its 11th one – which claimed 55 lives out of 130 cases in about six months.

In the latest outbreak,11 people became infected and six people died, according to Unicef.

Source: BBC

Alexander Bombande

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