A group described as Concerned Members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Binduri Constituency of the Upper East Region have cautioned the member of parliament for the Binduri, Hon. Abudulai Abanga not to mingle in the appointment of a District Chief Executive for the Binduri District.

The group in a statement signed by 12 party members accused the Deputy Minister Designate for works and housing of lobbying to retain the caretaker District Chief Executive (DCE), Ayinga Yakubu in President Akufo-Addo’s second term.

“Honourable, reliable pieces of information emanating from people close to you indicate that you are surprisingly, disappointingly and clandestinely supporting the sitting D.C.E Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu to maintain his current position in the Binduri District after you have asked every interested persons in the constituency to hold on with their ambition until you come home and have a meeting with them to decide the way forward”.

The press statement further indicates that, Mr. Abagre Yakubu initially made public his decision not to serve another term as District Chief Executive for Binduri.

“…Ayinga immediately after the election made it clear to the rank and file of NPP Binduri constituency that he was not interested in continuing his role in Nana Addo’s government as a DCE and starting lobbying for other positions as seen in the several sponsored publications on social and traditional media…”

The group also accused the DCE of been divisive both in the party and at the district assembly which does not warrant his reappointment.

“You are fully aware that Ayinga has sharply divided the party in the constituency going into the 2020 elections and if not because of the intervention of party elders, patrons and regional executives during the campaign season you would have lost the election miserably. You also know that it is only Ayinga in the region who operated an assembly without a presiding member and even at a point, there were moves by the assembly members to impeach him but for the intervention of opinion leaders. Again, you know that under Ayinga as DCE, two coordinating directors went on transfer citing poor working relationship exhibited by him. So, everything about Ayinga is divide and rule”.

The “concerned members” entreated the first time legislator to stop any lobbying process aimed at maintaining Ayinga Abagre Yakubu as District Chief Executive.

Source: Alexander Bombande/ Maxxempireonline.com

Alexander Bombande

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